The following courses are run by our company, which have partially fulfilled the requirements for an effective guard force:



The Security practice and management programme is spread over a period of four months comprising the following courses:

  1. Patrolling duties
  2. Essence of physical security
  3. Purpose of security watching
  4. Guards’ responsibilities on beats
  5. Security Awareness:- Vigilance, Observance, Alertness
  6. Vulnerability
  7. In-Company Instruction
  8. Elementary Law:-       Criminal Law, Arrest & Searches, Principal Offenders, Evidence Act.
  1. Emergency Plans
  2. Access Control
  3. Use of Pocket Notebooks
  4. Report Writing
  5. Bomb Threats

The courses are handled by our professional instructors who have all at various times served and held command positions in the police and armed forces.

The courses are designed to prepare the guards to the onerous task of guarding and supervisory duties.

It is our utmost desire to provide excellent service and establish rapport with our guards that will enhance good working relationship.

We reward good performance for others to emulate and punish insolence for lessons to learn.


We have a renowned Safety Instructor whose credentials are impeccable. Guards are trained to be conversant with hazards or potential hazards at their various beats, and how to overcome such hazards, they are also given basic training in firefighting and/or prevention of fires. Some of the courses include:

  1. Rudiments of fire
  2. Detection and Attack procedure
  3. Extinguishers (types and usage)
  4. Special Risk
  5. Evacuation Procedure
  6. Safety at work place
  7. First Aid.

The above is designed to assist guards on how to detect and attack fire while on foot patrol, identifying unsafe situations at work-place and how to administer first aid to a casualty.


Guards must have alertness of mind and must be physically and mentally fit. The antidote to these essentials is drill (or parade). In this connection, we have a retired Police Superintendent vast in the rudiments of this discipline. Some of the courses include but not limited to the following:

  • Physical Fitness Exercise Parade Proper
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Using the truncheon as an effective weapon etc.

The above courses are aimed at testing and improving the trainee’s flexibility, endurance, capability etc.


The guards are given specialized training based on their immediate environment, but most especially present day security being an image booster, experts in the fields of public and human relations is brought in to train the guards.

We also give our Clients free-hand to incorporate necessary and specific training in specialized areas relevant to their business into our training scheme as well as regular on the spot training to ensure continued adherence to what they were taught and introducing new security measures.


  1. The Company takes drastic and uncompromising steps to maintain discipline.
  2. Continuous supervision of men on beat duty by the Operations Manager, General and Shift Supervisors.
  3. Code of conduct issued and sometimes read to all employees at the time of employment whereby any offence committed against this code of conduct is given first and second warning and eventually termination of employment where the culprit cannot be condoned anymore. However, it should be made clear that offenses are treated on their own merit.
  4. The Company does not tolerate any form of drug abuse or smoking while on Company/Client property. Defaulters are disciplined in accordance with the company’s code of conduct.

All disciplinary actions to be taken are usually communicated to the client for information and records.