Most times, minor misunderstanding/dispute between multinational companies and their host communities usually assumes unprecedented dimension and most importantly reduces man-hour-working-period. We are very optimistic that any such emergency misdemeanour must be nipped in the bud and tactically handled to avoid any embarrassment to our client; we achieve this through the following:


Effective protection of lives and properties especially of the multinational companies in contemporary Nigeria scenario need to be over emphasized, and thus demand nothing short of the best in security services, which have been tested and proved to worth their rating. Our security personnel undergo routine training by our managers and, supervisors who closely monitor the personnel development.

This approach has been our unshakable commitment to security existence.


Access control is a total measure taken to regulate the movement of a person in premises. The measure include the establishment of security post, the uses of passes and permits for visitors, to an establishment, provision for visitor car park, security lights and perimeter fencing. Access control becomes paramount in an establishment because it is through this that an intruder, whose activities to an establishment is inimical, frustrated are disallowed access.

This security involves infrastructural measures (fences, gates, alarm systems) and other procedures (drills, orders, instructions) taken to ensure the safety of value property items and lives.

Therefore any establishment without proper access control measure is prone to fire, bombs explosion and other threats.

While infrastructural measures include the gate, fences, walls, and other electronic devices installed to secure a place, the most common procedures are those orders, instructions and regulations that complement the infrastructural measures earlier taken to ensure security. However, the distinction between the two measures is thin but the roles they play are complementary.

It must be pointed out that the sophistication of security measures taken is not an insurance against threats; they are delayed measures to frustrate a potential intruder or to minimize his chances of success if he eventually decides to commit the crime. Our access control personnel are well trained with emphasis on visitors handling and courtesy as well as present a cooperate image of the company. This is because they are the first point of contact before access is granted to any visitor.


Our trained security personnel run a shift of 12 hours each. Note also that we pay according to international standard of payment to guards, which is 60/40 ratio.


All the guards in the employment of Afari Maximum Security Services Limited (AMSSL) are trained and in pursuance of duty we believe in the security of our employers/Guards. We therefore organize periodical medical checks in other to make sure that all the guards are healthy.


It is our policy to always consider the security implications to our clients in relations to the host community in every employment. Our operation is made up of officers/guards; the officer in a beat must report to our office /organization. The officer takes charge of the security at the beat /location. They are men that are grounded in this work. The guard may have to come from the locality we are working in.

Note: The people to be recruited are screened properly with pictures of their guarantors obtained, thereafter training commences before they are posted.


Our Specially Trained Private Security Operatives watch over an objective (client) and project, taking all necessary precaution and action to either void an attempt or respond adequately during an attack. These personnel are always on 24hours watch accompany objective in and around the country if so desired by the client.


Afari Maximum Security Services Limited is a protective organization that strives to make a difference when it matters most. We train our operatives in the latest security techniques and methods with a robust curriculum which impacts quality and core competence.

We have developed a unique protection scheme while serving the client home, giving the security the implication of an unknown persons to work either cooks, gardeners, etc, in the clients homes, which may become a security problem to the client and may become an access to crime. The management of Afari Maximum Security Services Limited now extends her services to our numerous clients through this scheme. We train these persons in the act of security after proper vetting documentation and vetting before deployment of such personnel to the client’s homes. In this way, all checks have been made and the clients sleep with both eyes closed.


Afari Maximum Security Services Limited uses some electrical/electronic security gadgets to execute their services to clients for the purpose of ensuring maximum security of lives and properties within the parameters under their coverage. With the latest in mobile communication and radio technology, Afari Maximum Security Services limited (AMSSL) offers unbeatable 24hours protection. Some of gadgets used are: Walkie-Talkie, Video Camera, Chinavasion-led-flashlight, Tactical Black Vest, etc.

The protection of critical and key assets of multinational companies, private industries, private individuals and indeed communities is a concern to all security stakeholders. Emerging crimes trend and challenges facing the security industry today are quite conspicuous and enormous. These problems range from workplace violence, hostage taking, kidnapping, terrorism, community hostilities and vandalism, armed banditry, assassination etc. hence this presentation is to show our capabilities in our clients area of operations.

Our popular package involves perimeter protection within operation hours and after operation hours, surveillance operation, independent investigation, which we offer you based on the gigantic investment in your establishment. We appreciate the fact that your company has employed the services of our security outfit at one time or the other. However, we remain unique and dynamic in our set-up.

In essence, we promote professionalism in the industries with regards to the protection of lives and property I equipment invested upon for a better tomorrow. Also, we ensure that we have an edge that makes the difference and we create impact wherever we are mentioned, however mention must be made here to our impact creating factors, which include the following:

  • Our enviable kitted special guards
  • Efficient unsurpassed security information on communication network
  • Effective back-up patrol system
  • System analysis, promotion and implementation of company security and safety of life and property.



Cybersecurity and its associated services play a pivotal role in safeguarding our digital world against an ever-evolving landscape of threats. As our reliance on technology grows, so does the need to protect sensitive information, critical infrastructure, and personal data from malicious actors. Cybersecurity services encompass a wide range of solutions, from network security and data encryption to threat detection and incident response. These services are designed to fortify organizations and individuals against cyberattacks, including malware, ransomware, phishing, and data breaches. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, the expertise of cybersecurity professionals and cutting-edge technologies are essential to staying ahead of potential risks. By investing in robust cybersecurity services, we empower ourselves to navigate the digital realm securely, instilling confidence in our interconnected world.

The duties of our cybersecurity department  revolve around safeguarding our  clients’ digital assets and information from various cyber threats. These duties can be diverse and may include:

  1. Risk Assessment: Conducting comprehensive assessments of their clients’ existing security infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks.
  2. Security Consulting: Offering expert advice and recommendations on cybersecurity strategies, best practices, and compliance regulations tailored to the specific needs of the client.
  3. Network Security: Implementing and managing robust firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other network security measures to protect against unauthorized access and attacks.
  4. Data Protection: Ensuring the encryption, secure storage, and controlled access of sensitive data to prevent data breaches and leaks.
  5. Threat Detection and Monitoring: Utilizing advanced threat detection tools and technologies to continuously monitor networks for suspicious activities or potential breaches.
  6. Incident Response: Developing and implementing detailed incident response plans to quickly and effectively mitigate the impact of cyber incidents and minimize downtime.
  7. Vulnerability Management: Regularly scanning and patching systems to address known vulnerabilities and weaknesses in software and hardware.
  8. Employee Training: Conducting cybersecurity awareness training for employees to promote a security-conscious culture and reduce the likelihood of human errors.
  9. Compliance and Regulations: Ensuring clients’ adherence to relevant cybersecurity regulations and industry standards.
  10. Penetration Testing: Performing controlled simulated attacks to assess the resilience of the client’s security measures and identifying areas for improvement.
  11. Managed Security Services: Providing ongoing monitoring and management of security systems, allowing clients to focus on their core business operations.
  12. Security Incident Investigation: Conducting in-depth investigations into security incidents to understand the nature of the attack, assess damages, and prevent future occurrences.
  13. Cybersecurity Education and Awareness: Organizing workshops, seminars, and training sessions to educate clients about emerging cyber threats and preventive measures.
  14. Security Audits and Compliance Reporting: Performing regular security audits and producing detailed compliance reports to demonstrate adherence to security standards and regulatory requirements.
  15. Security Technology Integration: Evaluating, selecting, and integrating cybersecurity tools and technologies that align with the specific needs and goals of the client.

By fulfilling these duties and more, we ensures that  clients can operate in a secure digital environment, protecting their assets, reputation, and overall business continuity.



Afari Maximum Securities serves as  Manning Agent in the maritime sector. This  is a vital intermediary in the maritime industry,  where we serve as a specialised recruitment and crewing partner for shipowners and shipping companies. The role of a Manning Agent is multifaceted and encompasses various responsibilities.

Firstly,  we  are responsible for sourcing, selecting, and recruiting qualified and competent seafarers to meet the crewing requirements of different vessels. This involves conducting interviews, verifying certifications, and ensuring that all crew members comply with international maritime standards and regulations.

Additionally,  we  handle crew logistics, including visa processing, travel arrangements, and medical examinations, to facilitate smooth crew changes and rotations.

We act as a bridge between shipowners and seafarers, addressing crew welfare concerns, ensuring timely payment of wages, and maintaining open communication channels. We also play a crucial role in resolving labor-related issues and providing support during emergencies or crises.

Our  expertise and network within the maritime community enable us  to match the right talent with the right vessels, contributing significantly to the safe and efficient operation of ships not in Nigeria but worldwide.

Manning agents, also known as crewing agencies, perform various crucial functions in the maritime industry to ensure the smooth operation of vessels and the welfare of seafarers. Here are ten key functions of manning agency department:

  1. Recruitment and Selection: We  are responsible for identifying, recruiting, and selecting qualified seafarers to fill various positions on ships, matching the right candidates with specific job requirements.

  2. Crew Planning: We work closely with shipowners to plan crew rotations, ensuring that vessels are adequately manned and comply with international regulations regarding rest hours and work periods.

  3. Crew Documentation and Certifications: Handling of all necessary documentation and certifications for seafarers, including visas, passports, medical examinations, and relevant training certificates to ensure compliance with maritime regulations.

  4. Crew Welfare Support: We provide assistance and support to seafarers and their families, addressing concerns, and facilitating communication between crew members and their loved ones during long voyages.

  5. Crew Training and Development: We may organize training programs for seafarers to enhance their skills and competencies, ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards and advancements.

  6. Crew Logistics and Travel Arrangements: We manage crew logistics, including arranging travel to and from ships, ensuring seamless crew changes at different ports, and coordinating with immigration authorities.

  7. Crew Payroll and Contract Management: Handling of  crew payroll, ensuring timely and accurate payment to seafarers. They also manage crew contracts, including terms of employment, benefits, and leave entitlements.

  8. Crew Performance Management: We conduct performance appraisals of seafarers to assess their skills, identify areas for improvement, and provide feedback to enhance overall crew efficiency.

  9. Crisis Management and Emergency Response: In the event of emergencies or crew-related incidents, manning agents provide support and coordination, working closely with shipowners and relevant authorities.

  10. Compliance and Regulatory Knowledge: They stay updated with international maritime regulations, flag state requirements, and industry standards, ensuring that all crew-related activities are in line with legal and safety obligations.

By efficiently carrying out these functions, we have  played  critical role in maintaining the safety, professionalism, and operational efficiency of the global maritime industry while supporting the welfare and well-being of seafarers.


In summary, we undertake various types of security and other services viz:

    1. Offshore and Onshore Security
    2. Armed Response
    3. Guarding of VIP
    4. Private Guards Provision
    5. Offsite Monitoring
    6. Alarm Systems
    7. Cctv Systems
    8. Finger Print
    9. Panic Systems
    10. Readers
    11. Electric Fencing
    12. Surveillance Cameras
    13. Intercoms
    14. Gate Automation
    15. Security Consultancy
    16. Cyber Security
    17. Manning Agency