The protection of critical and key assets of multinational companies, private industries, private individuals and indeed communities is a concern to all security stakeholders. Emerging crimes trend and challenges facing the security industry today are quite conspicuous and enormous. These problems range from workplace violence, hostage taking, kidnapping, terrorism, community hostilities and vandalism, armed banditry, assassination etc. hence this presentation is to show our capabilities in our clients area of operations.

Our popular package involves perimeter protection within operation hours and after operation hours, surveillance operation, independent investigation, which we offer you based on the gigantic investment in your establishment. We appreciate the fact that your company has employed the services of our security outfit at one time or the other. However, we remain unique and dynamic in our set-up.

In essence, we promote professionalism in the industries with regards to the protection of lives and property I equipment invested upon for a better tomorrow. Also, we ensure that we have an edge that makes the difference and we create impact wherever we are mentioned, however mention must be made here to our impact creating factors, which include the following:

  • Our enviable kitted special guards
  • Efficient unsurpassed security information on communication network
  • Effective back-up patrol system
  • System analysis, promotion and implementation of company security and safety of life and property.

Liaison activity with other security forces and law enforcement agencies for our clients.


We undertake various types of security services viz:

    1. Offshore and Onshore Security
    2. Armed Response
    3. Guarding of VIP
    4. Private Guards Provision
    5. Offsite Monitoring
    6. Alarm Systems
    7. Cctv Systems
    8. Finger Print
    9. Panic Systems
    10. Readers
    11. Electric Fencing
    12. Surveillance Cameras
    13. Intercoms
    14. Gate Automation
    15. Security Consultancy