GENERAL STRUCTURE: Our Company is structured in a way that all the key officers of the company are strategically positioned to enable for effective administration of the company. The company has three Directors, one of whom is a retired Police officer. Top on the chart is the Chairman, who is also the Managing Director He is Mr Fred Atteng, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. Mr Fred Atteng is a graduate of Political Science from the renowned University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He also obtained a professional Diploma in safety and security from the famous Rivers State university of Science and Technology, Nkpolu, Port Harcourt. Apart from getting this knowledge in school environment, Mr. Fred has been in the security business for the past ten years where he has worked in private security companies indifferent capacities. This long period of service gave him so much experience in private guard security company(s). The second director is DSP Gideon Udofia (Retired). He is the Director of operations. He has served in various police commands, departments and formations around the country before his retirement in 2012 into civil life. While in the force, he attended the following courses:

  1. Standard Traffic Course
  2. Promotion Course at Police College Ikeja, Lagos State.
  3. Detective Course
  4. Counter Terrorism Course
  5. ASP-DSP Promotion Course.

He has many years of experience that is highly needed in the security service sector; hence AFARI MAXIMUM SECURITY SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED cannot miss his experience. He is the Director of Operations and training.

The third Director of Afari Maximum Security Services Nigeria Limited is Mrs. Rita Atteng Fred. She is the Director of Administration. She is in charge of Administration. Mrs. Rita is an accountant by profession and an administrator by, training. She is in charge of Administration of Afari Maximum Security Services Limited.


Our general structure is demonstrated on the organogram below:



All Directors and shareholders of AFARI MAXIMUM SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED are Nigerians, it is important to state that, all management staff of the company are also Nigerians. In line with the local content policy, AFARI MAXIMUM SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED tries to look inward in a bid to employing indigenes to promote and improve the labour force and improve the labour force and reduce unemployment rate in the country.

CLIENTELE/FINANCE: Our clientele cuts across corporate/Industrial organizations as well as individual clients, all spread across the above regions. Each client is charged according to what is negotiated and agreed with, depending on the level of assignment and request.