In synergy with other security agencies, we provide utmost security services to the lives and properties of individuals, companies, government establishments and other entities. We have delivered quality and infallible security solutions to hundreds of satisfied customers The protection of critical and key assets of multinational companies, private industries, private individuals and indeed communities is a concern to all security stakeholders. Emerging crimes trend and challenges facing the security industry today are quite conspicuous and enormous. These problems range from workplace violence, hostage taking, kidnapping, terrorism, community hostilities and vandalism, armed banditry, assassination etc. hence this presentation is to show our capabilities in our clients area of operations.


Our popular package involves perimeter protection within operation hours and after operation hours, surveillance operation, independent investigation, which we offer you based on the gigantic investment in your establishment. We appreciate the fact that your company has employed the services of our security outfit at one time or the other. However, we remain unique and dynamic in our set-up.

In essence, we promote professionalism in the industries with regards to the protection of lives and property I equipment invested upon for a better tomorrow. Also, we ensure that we have an edge that makes the difference and we create impact wherever we are mentioned, however mention must be made here to our impact creating factors, which include the following:

  • Our enviable kitted special guards
  • Efficient unsurpassed security information on communication network
  • Effective back-up patrol system
  • System analysis, promotion and implementation of company security and safety of life and property.
  • Liaison activity with other security forces and law enforcement agencies for our clients.


Over the years and we can deliver it to you now.


We are committed to continually improving the quality of service we provide to all our customers by investing in our greatest asset – our employees, believing we will achieve our future goals. Our vision is to be the best quality security organization in the country and beyond.


Afari Maximum Security Services Limited was incorporated in February 2011 and licensed as a Private Guard Service Company in 4th August 2013. The company’s primary businesses are static security guards system, escort &VIP protection, supply & maintenance of security! safety equipment.

The rapid expansion of the Security Industry over the last decade has unfortunately not resulted in a comparable decrease in the number of crimes against property and people. This is partly due to the fact that criminals have started to use more sophisticated methods and techniques and partly because the population has not taken security as seriously as it should. More than this, the Industry itself has too often fallen short of competence and probity.

Given this situation, recruitment and training of our personnel occupy a paramount position in the Company. Guards are our raw materials; if not of highest quality, ’standard will not produce the efficient and dedicated product which is the service. And in response to the anxiety most commonly expressed about the trustworthiness of employees, we go beyond investigating in depth into the background and previous jobs of applicants to extracting assurances and guarantees from reputable references. Indeed, we vigorously seek essential data to provide the complete and assuring information on all our personnel.

The company was granted certificate by Corporate Affairs Commission, under the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs to operate as private security/guards within the provision of private guards companies, Decree of 1986. Afari Maximum Security Services Limited, a CATEGORY ‘A’ rated Security Company has its Directors, seasoned Security professionals who have served as national security officers both in the military and the police force. This is a rare advantage born out of good professionalism. Afari Maximum Security Services Limited maintains with a reputable Insurance Company Workman’s Compensation and burglary policies.


To exist in the security industry in Nigeria and in particular the Niger Delta, we continuously train and re-train to improve our standard using both human and electronic means to achieve the highest human possible standard in the area of securing both life and properties of our clients. In this proposal, our responsibilities to you will amongst others include:

  1. Deterrence/Prevention of crime and any form of risk as may be directed against your facilities and personnel.
  2. Provide actualized roving patrols, access control/management services, traffic control, escort and effective reaction to incidences/emergencies.
  3. Enforcement of all rules and regulations as they pertain to safety and security of your properties and personnel.
  4. Apprehension of offenders, criminals/intruders and other undesirable elements that may attempt to put your property, personnel and location in jeopardy.
  5. Maintenance of your company’s image with a view to enhancing the status of your corporate image and professional conduct.
  6. Ensure exact and proper documentation logging of routine and incidental operational matters and reporting to management appropriately.
  7. Planning and emergency /contingency to enable us to continue to provide our protective services under the most difficult/trying conditions.
  8. Organize the guard force for maximum coverage and performance at all times.
  9. Education of personnel as to local risk and personnel requirements.
  10. Provision of carefully selected and educated, vetted, trained and fit personnel as guard elements of the contract.
  11. Training of your staff free of charge on risk and security awareness; generally this will help us in the performance of our duties.
  12. To ensure that protective necessities are in place for maximum security.
  13. To provide assessment of your properties/premises.
  14. Protect services to include:  a) Executive, Celebrity and Private Protection. b) Stalk Protection. c) Escort and Courier Services d) Chauffeur/Driver Services e) Threat Analysis f) Advance Security Surveys